Thursday, June 18, 2009

MALAYSIA 2009: fish spa.

was thisclose to overpaying in singapore,
but thanx to a spontaneous wknd trip to kuala lumpur,
underpaid wouldn't even come close to how little i've spent.
more like pirate opportunity to plunder goods.

but nobody said anything about stealing. ;-)
though it felt like it.

an uneventful souvenir/bargain shopping through the historic central market ended up being our best improptu decision of that day. because we stumbled across this pleasant surprise had we not scoured the entire aircondition'd market to avoid the steamy outdoors: cute fish spa.

for 5RM (~$1.40) / 10 minutes,
as opposed to 30SGD (~$20) / 30 minutes in singapore ...

sometimes it pays to do away with an itinerary. ;-)
(a blessing or a warning when traveling with moi?)

laughing at the cost carries over to the first 5 min of treatment (that means it's working) as the tiny fishies feast on ur dead skin cells. micromassaging. (that's a good thing.)
afterwards, my feet were smooth, soft, and funky-free. glistening, even.
better than any hr long upscale spa session i've been to.

all i had to do was stick my feet in a pond?!

i'm a believer! this sh#t works!*

Friday, March 27, 2009

vietnam visa.

sounds easy enough to backpack my way through a select host of asian countries next month due to proximity & off-peak season.
my tour of asia, if you will.
except for one country.

how to sign your life away to the embassy of vietnam:

* fill out an application.
* attach a 2x2 mug of yourself.
* passport.
* ~$65 visa fee in the form of money order / cashier's check.
* ~$25 to mail it all from the post office & have your visa mailed back to you.
(this includes a prepaid return envlp through usps express mail or fedex).
* wait an excruciating ~1.5 weeks.

me: i'mma say wassapers to your grandma in vietnam.
zee: that would be something since she lives here.
i think i have like 1 great aunt that's still there.
me: then i'mma say wassapers to her~!
zee: everyone else pretty much bolted.
me: so all of vietnam is already in houston?
then who's in vietnam?*

Monday, March 16, 2009

BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO 2009: dogsledding.

no doubt that colorado is known for its powdery, mountainous terrain.
fantabulous for skiing/snowboarding/building snowmen.
so no point in commenting about it.

but thanks to miss hanh's research, here's a pleasant alternative:

need to get away from a log cabin full of 30 peeps?
need a break from snowboarding? and b/c of it ...
you possibly suffered a pelvic linear fracture and can't do much else?
(word of advice: don't run into trees~!)

who knew dogsledding even existed here!
between us 3 girls and a pair of honeymooners, we all switched off driving/riding/cheerleading the huskies (with a lone black lab in the mix??) for an hour. the view in motion was a blur of sun-drenched green firs coloring the white winterland with a commanding rocky backdrop and serene blue skies. stunning, mang, stunning. the reverie was occasionally interrupted by a huskie marking his claim on a tree (while trotting) or rolling around in the snow to cool off (while trotting).

hot cocoa awaits afterwards. you might even meet a baby huskie.
albeit, confused from all the attention. showered by the laydees.
(the dood guides takes full advantage of this).


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my last cameo, ~sept. 2008...

i’ll be reliving this ‘natural high on life’ in a few days.
jumping down the rabbit hole once again.
crossing international lines & getting
lost in translation
in yet another wonderland.

enjoy hurricane ike, texas!


in response...

jr: u know that show with belushi...that sitcom? life according to jim? i say you make a travel site, like a foreal www... and call it life according to jin, and put all your travel exploits up there, and sh*t, why not add vids too, your life is too interesting to be in still motion...

"im just just saying!!"

during my hiatus...

dan: [...] although i do miss your sarcastic and witty's okay, now i just insert my own!...

6 months later...

hello world, let's tango. =) *